Quality Assurance

The Vision production and site based activities are based on clear processes delivered in a controlled environment by skilled personnel whose work is monitored and tracked to ensure full traceability.

The Vision Modular Systems adoption of manufacturing disciplines lends itself to more thorough quality control and traceability of components. This enables our team to identify and correct problems should they arise before the module arrives at the worksite.

Defects are minimised as all modules must meet strict quality standards before leaving the factory thereby minimising snagging and site defects.

Vision Modular achieves excellent thermal and acoustic performance through the consistent application of exacting details – again more easily delivered in a manufacturing environment than on site.

Consistency of process allied to trained and closely monitored staff corresponds to improved quality and therefore more predictable product behaviour.

Vision Modular Systems embraces all efforts our industry makes to improve and raise the standard of the end product we deliver. The endorsement from BBA, LABC, BOPAS and CE accreditation is important to Vision and represents our commitment to quality.

LABC Registered