Health & Safety

At Vision Modular Systems, the health and safety of our workforce remains our number one priority. This extends from the factory environment through to the safety of staff and associated trades who work with us on our construction sites.

The Vision Modular System exemplifies the benefits of offsite methods that relocates a significant element of operations from the construction site into a safer and easier controlled factory environment.

At Vision Modular, work is undertaken in a modern factory environment at ground level, resulting in substantially reduced numbers of operatives on site with the associated benefits in Health & Safety.

There is a reduced risk of accidents in the controlled factory environment, and less time is spent on the construction site therefore there is a reduction in on site noise, reduction in work in confined space, reduction in congested work with trade overlap and greater control over work in the factory.

Offsite construction is up to 50% safer than on site based construction.  

Health and Safety considerations are at the heart of all the processes in the company, whether it be in the factory or on site. We have an excellent record in this regard.