Vision Modular Systems UK Ltd manufactures volumetric 3D structural modules for the Construction Industry to be used in sectors such as Hotels, Residential Apartment Buildings, and Student Accommodation.

Vision Modular Systems UK Limited embraces MMC by manufacturing turnkey modules for the construction industry using lean processes and techniques. The use of these innovative methods results in superior standards in quality, sustainability, regulatory compliance, health and safety.

The manufacturing process is a controlled assembly line environment, managed by skilled operatives who are supported by quality control and technical guidance personnel.

The automated production lines transfer the modules through the manufacturing process where all internal finishes, M&E installations, windows, external insulation and some external finishes are applied.

The Vision Modular System extends from the manufacturing to the delivery of the modules to site where the process continues with the module installation, followed by final connections and commissioning being carried out under strictly monitored procedures by Vision site based personnel.

The  Modules are manufactured utilising integrated structural steel framing with solid concrete floors.

Offsite manufacturing reduces potential onsite delays e.g weather, skills shortage, enabling a more secure, dependable construction programme.